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About Us

Krasnoyarsk regional youth public organization Center for Community Partnerships (KCCP) is a resource center for community schools in Russia. For 14 years it has been providing a full range of resources, expertise, advice and support to community schools, community school resource centers, NGOs and other interested organizations so that they can build their capacity and enrich the links with communities in various settings. Main goals: to disseminate ideas of the civic society, community education and community school concept, to develop and introduce new educational programs and technologies of community education. There are some facts for 2008-2010:

- 4 new programs for community schools “Territory of Cooperation” (11 schools in 2 districts of Krasnoyarsk region); “Raising Quality in Community Schools” (23 schools in 6 regions); “Intensive School “ROST” (12 schools in Tomsk region); “Community Learning Centers” (14 schools in Krasnoyarsk region). Over 230 teachers and schoolchildren were involved in programs piloting, developed their life skills and received experience of civic initiatives.

- 5 publications: “Intensive School ROST”, “Public Participation in School Life”, a brochure “Community Schools”, methodical manual “School ROST” (2 students books and a book for educators); methodical manual “Community Learning Centers” (2 manuals for trainers and 2 working books for students).

- 4 issues of the newsletter “Sotrudnichestvo” for community schools each year.

- Systematic support for community schools through trainings, seminars, forums and festivals, experience exchange events, dissemination of new technologies and best practices and other activities assisted quality development of community schools and education of young citizens. Over three years about 640 people (300 educators and 340 students) attended our trainings, seminars and workshops. These figures do not include people who participated in new programs piloted by KCCP.

- Information support to community school movement via KCCP-page (www.kccp.ru) and Russian Community Schools Internet-site (www.cs-network.ru).

- Besides its staff members KCCP involves specialists of other NGOs, Teachers' Re-training Institutes and Siberian Federal University into the planning process, analyzing best practices and developing methodical manuals.

- Links with foreign Community Education organizations and participation in joint projects ensured dissemination of CS experience of other countries among Russian community schools.

- KCCP became a winner in the contest “Best NGO 2009” (in education) ran by Department of Social Policy of Krasnoyarsk.

- To realize its programs KCCP attracted funds from different sources, among them Mott Foundation, IREX, New Perspectives Foundation, Foundation “Right and Justice”, New Eurasia Foundation and European Commission.

- KCCP is the head of the Coordination Committee of Community School Resource Centers which unites 18 organizations from 17 regions of Russia.

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